Policy written/posted – 9th February 2019.
We occasionally get asked the question “can I get a refund because….” and so this policy/page was written to clearly outline how the group deals with Refund requests.

What would anyone want a refund?
This is probably the easiest question to answer. Things like Kids get sick and a can’t make it to camp or an event (No – we DONT want your sick youth member at camp – duty of care means they shouldn’t expose everyone else to their ‘lurgy’), plans change and people can’t make it on the day, maybe ‘pulling out’ on an event/camp before the commencement date etc etc.

So, what is our refund policy?
The short version is – we DONT do refunds.

How can that be?
Scouts in a non profit/charity organization for children and youth. As such, any activity or event we run is normally designed to ‘break even’. This means:
* We aim to keep our total costs down to a minimum for the benefit of everyone.
* We try to be fairly consistent with our charges so our members/families have a reasonable continuity of ‘what they get for their money’
* Sometimes, camps/activities are ‘more expensive’, simply due to costs being higher due to the site or nature of the acitivty.
* Anything we charge is intended to cover actual costs incurred
* We DONT generally intent to make a ‘profit’ out of an event/activity.
* Sometimes we make a small surplus – sometimes we make a small loss – it’s “swings and roundabouts” with the overall intention to meet our costs and maintain consistency.
* We DONT have a “buffer” to allow for people to pull out for any reason

But, my child is sick….
… or we’ve decided to go away as a family….. or grandma is coming to visit…. or…..
* The closing date for an activity/camp/event is FINAL
* This means you have made a commitment to reserve a place for that event and agree to pay any costs as appropriate.
* We generally need to prebook & pay for camp sites on a per head basis.
* If we are providing food then the overall food budget is worked out in advance of the event and shopping takers place several days before the camp

as such, last minute changes on your behalf cannot be accommodated as the group has already incurred these costs based on your commitment.

There are some RARE exceptions
If there are no costs already incurred by the group with regards to the camp/event a refund will be considered.
eg: If you let the activity leader know via phone (or via email that they confirm via reply) BEFORE we book/pay for camping/accommodation, shop for food, book/pay for courses etc.

If for example we have already book/paid for campsite but not yet done a food shop we may consider a partial refund in order to reflect our actual costs for your youth member.

Is this fair?
Absolutely, totally, completely and utterly.
We cannot/will-not consider adding a 20% or 30% premium on top of every charge to allow last minute changes as this means we effectively getting into the insurance business trying to hedge our bets that people don’t pull out at the last minute making ‘everyone’ pay for the few.