(This page/form intended to be completed ONLY when bringing someone to 1st South Penrith Scout Group for the first time)

New Chum form

You’ve brought along your son/daughter/grandson/grand/daughter/niece/nephew/whatever (!!) to try Scouting.

Just to cover ourselves in case there are any issues during their visit, we ask that you give us some contact info.
We’ve found that getting this info electronically is a far better method than scribbling on bits of paper that might get lost.

It also means, yes, we have your e-mail address – which the Group Leader will use to send you a ‘Welcome Pack’ email on how to go about joining the group.

    What section/night have you brought along a new chum for?

    Joeys (5-8) on Thursday nightCubs (8-11) on Tuesday nightCubs (8-11) on Thursday nightScouts (11-14) on Friday nightVenturers (15-18) on Wednesday night

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    Quick question: Where did you hear about scouting/Our group?

    Any particular health issues or concerns we need to know about?

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    Please upload a photo "headshot/face" of the youth - just so we absolutely know what they look like!

    (If using a mobile phone for this form you can select "camera" as the input and take a fresh photo now.)

    Permission to contact:

    I confirm that the details I have submitted in this webform and true and correct. By completing this webform I acknowledge that by providing my email address I am giving permission for the group leader to send me a 'Welcome Pack' email. I understand the 1st South Penrith Scout Group offers a free 4 week trial period after which I will incur various costs for continued attendance as will be outlined in the 'Welcome Pack' email.

    (Your details will NOT be added to any kind of marketing database or sold in any way shape or form as per our published privacy policy.