From time to time, 1st South Penrith Scout Group will run fund raising activities. These are done for a number of purposes:

  1. To obtain further funding to pay for the existence of the group (insurances, hall upkeep, equipment purchase and/or repair etc)
  2. To be “seen” as visible within our community.

Some of these fundraising activities are general purpose such as for an intended equipment purchase etc.

Sometimes these fundraising activities are done
targetted for a very specific purpose/benefit such as an AJ (Australian Jamboree), a Cuboree, Venture etc.

And sometimes (NOTE: NOT always), the group chooses to make a percentage of the funds collected available to the members who participated in the effort/collection. This could be by allocating a portion of the overall amount based on “hours worked”, or chocolates sold etc etc.

The group chooses to sometimes do this in fundraising events as an incentive for parents and family members to become involved in the fundraising process.

NOTE that any monies from fundraising belong to the SCOUT GROUP (as it is the Scout Group operating under the charities act). The group chooses to help subsidise these events for families.

What can these funds be used for?

The funds can be used for “region level” and above events. eg:

  • GWS Region Jamborette (annual scout camp), region venturer camps, etc
  • NSW State events like “scout rally” or “scout hike”
  • National events like Jamboree, Cuboree or Venture
  • International events like world jamboree’s, NZ Venture etc etc

As such, the fundraising CANNOT be used for group/pack/troop camps or other week to week activities.

The funds will usually be “paid” in the form of a credit applied to your youth members “account” with the group. The funds may only be used for scouting purposes and under no circumstances will there ever be a “cash payout” of funds to you.

Also, if there are ANY outstanding fee’s owing, any fundraising credits may be applied to the outstanding fee’s FIRST. The group cannot/will not “pay out” fundaising credits when a family already owed the group money for term fees.