To help make things a little easier on families, Scouts NSW is a registered “Active Kids Voucher” provider.
Active Kids Rebate Provider
There are a number of steps involved (listed below) to get your free $100 through this initiative initiated by the NSW Government Office of Sport
(See for info on the scheme)
NSW Government Office of Sport

Steps to get it working

  • New/prospective members from step 1
  • Existing members from step 8
  1. For new members: You complete the “online Y1 Youth membership form” and forward via email to the group/section leader.
  2. The Group Leader (or Leader In Charge) electronically signs the Y1 membership form.
  3. A membership number is assigned by the region office and you’ll get an email to setup the CareMonkey profile (so you get permission forms etc)
  4. Our group creates the initial invoice to you for initial registration and term costs.
  5. You pay that invoice in FULL.
  6. Your youth gets invested and becomes a member of the scouting family.
  7. The Group Leader (or Leader In Charge) electronically upgrades the membership status from ‘provisional’ to being a fully paid and invested member.
  8. Register and obtain your voucher from Service NSW – Service NSW
  9. Once you have your Voucher number, complete the appropriate form from here to submit the details to Scouts NSW.
  10. Any supplied Active Kids Voucher info submitted to Scouts NSW (as per step 9) can now be matched via the NSW branch office. (Must be validated with the government to ensure the voucher is valid, hasn’t been used elsewhere, etc)
  11. Once per week, NSW branch automatically sends a list of ALL active kids vouchers for the group along with the matching membership number.
  12. Our group can then issue you a CREDIT for the Scouts NSW component of the initial membership fee (for NEW members only)
  13. Our group can then issue you a CREDIT for the Scouts NSW component of the term fee’s that have already been paid. (ScoutsNSW portion only)
  14. Our group can then adjust ongoing term fee’s to ensure that a discount is applied where there is remaining balance of the $100 voucher. (ScoutsNSW portion only)


    • This is a GOVERNMENT scheme. We don’t control who gets vouchers and who doesn’t.
    • You CANNOT “double-dip” and use the voucher with more than 1 provider.
    • Yes, if you join ‘later’ in the year or don’t apply for your voucher early enough, you may not be able to use the full $100
    • The $100 voucher can ONLY be used against “Scouts NSW” components and/or on new rego/term fees as Scouts NSW (branch office) is the registered provider – NOT the group component. eg: $35 Scouts NSW new membership, $42/term Scouts NSW membership/NSW.
    • The scheme WILL continue past 2018 into 2019 and beyond. We don’t have details on how far into the future the scheme will run yet.
    • Any invoice we (the group) sends must be paid IN FULL. If voucher details come on later for that period we will CREDIT you that value.
    • You cannot apply online for “Active Kids Rebate Voucher #2” until the 1st voucher has actually been applied somewhere.
  • Existing members of Scouting can use this webform to submit their voucher if they know the membership number.

Exciting news!

From 1st July 2019 families are able to get a SECOND Active Kids Rebate voucher. Get onto this and get your (Extra) $100 for free!

Info on this new voucher is available at the state/branch wesite 

How will out group apply this 2nd rebate? The “1st” AKR voucher can *only* be used for the ScoutsNSW membership component of fees. The 2nd AKR voucher however is paid directly to the group in full and so we will issue a full $100 credit directly against the youth members name. As such, this will then be deducted from any outstanding debts or new invoices.

It’s possible that you may have used “AKR voucher #1” somewhere other than scouting – soccer, cricket, etc etc. ScoutsNSW deems the first voucher presented as “Voucher #1”, so, even if it’s actually the 2nd voucher you applied for that is applied to Scouts, it will be treated as #1 and only be able to used against quarterly ScoutsNSW fees.