We might perhaps see a few new members join in the group over the coming weeks after a free "plug" in some literature delivered to my mailbox today on behalf of Stuart Ayres MP.

Scouts are of course non-denominational when it come to politics and religion.
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Today a few of South Penrith & Emu Plains Scouts along with a couple of Venturers went for a sloshy hike to see the falls. The falls were definitely worth the wet feet. ...

*****************JUNE COMMITTEE MEETING*********************
Just a reminder that the June Committee Meeting will be held tonight at 7.15 pm Wednesday the 15/6/2016 at the Scout Hall.
All committee members, parents, friends and volunteers are invited to attend.
Matters to be discussed include maintenance of the Scout Hall, W.H&S inspections, fundraising, upcoming camps, outstanding fees, parents escorting their children to and from cubs/scouts.

Congratulations to our Venturers who endured freezing winds and sleet on their hike this weekend where they were searching for the wreck of a plane that crashed in 1954 in Kanangra Walls National Park. Whilst we did not locate the wreck we did conquer Mt Krungle Bungle and today visited Kanangra Walls Lookout and the Dance Floor Cave along with an obligatory stop for food on the way home. ...

Tonight's patrol based activity "disaster chef" has once again been a popular event.
We have nacho's, stir fry's, rice, burrito's and a selection of various deserts.
The leaders will judge on presentation and taste.... After the patrols themselves eat (Julius Caesar had a food taster to avoid poisoning didn't he ? 😏 )

This can be frustrating but is a great educational night. Prepare and cook a meal for the patrol (easy enough) and then clean it up, in under 2 hours (that's perhaps the most challenging part)

Patrols earnt the various ingredients last week through a series of challenges - so depending on where they came they had 1st/2nd etc choice of meats, veggies, carbohydrates and desert components.

Planning and teamwork are key to get a decent meal, particularly if you don't quite have all the ingredients you want.
Of course, at camp, they NEVER forget any of their ingredients so that would never happen.... Would it? 😋

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